About Us

Who We Are

People shouldn’t be in back pain. But they are. It usually isn’t by choice. Accidents happen. At work. On the road. We want to provide the best back pain treatment to as many of these people as possible. Walter Medical’s patented spinal support technology has undergone years of research and development. After nine prototypes we put it into production. We continue to evolve our spinal support systems to give doctors and patients the best back pain treatment. We work with Patients, Neurosurgeons, Pain Management Doctors, Primary Care Physicians and Chiropractors. Anyone who has or deals with acute and chronic back pain. If you have back pain or a back injury due to a car or work accident we can help you

About Walter Medical

We Believe:

The patient has a right to receive the best possible back pain treatment – The price of our superior spinal support shouldn’t prevent you from getting it – An informed patient and doctor relationship – The doctor is our ally in healing the patient – The Patient is worth fighting for – Making the Doctor’s life (and staff) as easy as possible


We Stand Against:

Accepting a lesser quality of life – Popping pills for back pain relief – Being a victim of back pain – Poorly made spinal support devices – Negative thinking and attitudes

The Walter Guarantee:

We guarantee our products will be free of defects in material and workmanship. Should any defect or malfunction occur we will manufacture a replacement at no cost to your patient for a period of 2 years.

Walter Wolanske


Walter is the inventor of the MotionX, a patented spinal support technology. In 2010, Walter started Walter Medical, Inc. to promote the MotionX through the state of NY. Walter’s mission is to help doctors help their patient’s and the MotionX does just that.

In Walter’s free time, if he has any, he enjoys golfing, cooking, spending time with his family, anything with a motor and a really good cup of coffee.