Real back pain relief

You can’t undo what caused your acute and chronic back pain.
But you can do something about it.

Back pain medication and back surgery are not the solution. Motion X is. This spinal support system is unlike any ordinary back brace. Ordinary back braces lock you up to prevent further injury. This prevents mobility which actually hinders the healing process and leads to complications like muscle atrophy. It also prevents you from living an active lifestyle.

What makes Motion X so special?

Patented technology that you won’t find in any other back brace, that’s what. REACT Technology allows specific movements without compromising the spinal support you need to relieve pain and heal. We don’t even consider Motion X a back brace. We consider it to be the anti-brace. Remember, traditional back braces restrict motion and cause muscle atrophy. Motion X allows range of motion on two planes while still providing the spinal support and back pain relief you need.


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Does my Insurance cover this?

Yes. Motion X is covered by Workers’ Compensation and No-Fault Insurances. Contact us to learn how to get our spinal support system at no cost to you.

Benefits of Motion X

  • Immediate relief of back pain
  • Adjustable to give as much or as little support as needed
  • Precise back support without restricting healing motion
  • Ultra-low profile
  • Lightweight
  • Resists Migration (It stays in place!)
  • Fits all body types

Spinal support customized for you

Measurements will be taken and your Motion X Spinal Support will be customized to your exact needs. This ensures it conforms and reacts to you when you’re in motion as well as in a relaxed state. Motion X works with your body, not against it. Each one is manufactured right here in the United States by technicians who have been doing this for years.

What is Motion X great for?

  • Golf
  • Work around the house
  • Driving
  • Riding a motorcycle
  • Walking your dog

How do I get Motion X?

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